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From: Bob Velke <>
Subject: [TMG] TMG v5.09.000 is now available
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 10:23:23 -0400

The following is extracted from the Wholly Genes Newsletter which should
hit the streets later today or tomorrow. For other news, update
announcements, and product tips, subscribe to the free newsletter at

=== TMG v5.09 has been released ====================

TMG v5.09.000 is now available. This release includes six new report
formats and a variety other features as follows:

- New reports
- Journal Report (Ancestor and descendant varieties)
- List of Events
- List of Places
- List of Repositories
- List of Tag Types
- List of Witnesses

- Word processor output is now supported (Gold Edition only). Most report
types can be output directly to the native formats of more than 50 word
processors and versions, including Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, and
others. (Word processor output for the Family Group Sheet, Individual
Detail, and Relationship Chart will be supported in the next release).

- Narrative reports that are sent to a word processor format can now include:
- Images (including event images)
- Indexes of People, Places, and Marriages
- Table of Contents
- Bibliography
- Endnotes or real footnotes

- Output to Rich Text Format (RTF) is now supported (Gold and Silver Editions)

- The new List of Events report now includes "Secondary Output" options
with which you can change flag values for the
participants in an event.

- Added a New Project Wizard. When you create a new project through data
entry (not import), a new wizard provides a fast way to enter the first
three people.

- When "Merge All Indexes" is turned on, the position of marriages within
the index has been changed/improved in relation to TMG4.

- The list of filters on the Project Explorer is now in alphabetical order

- The Research Log now has a Copy button.

- A problem was fixed with the focus of the Research Log after editing a task.

- Layout and surety in Name box was not shown properly after a layout change

- Fixed a problem clearing the Pick List filter.

- The report file name now remains the same when user switches output formats

- Fixed a problem deleting multiple citations

- Tabbing from the Sort Date field now goes to the place fields on the Tag
Entry screen.

- The Home and End keys now work properly on the Master Source List.

- Added better field labels to the Citation Entry screen and the Repository
Link screen.

- Fixed a series of keystrokes that would cause the menus to be disabled
(greyed out).

- Fixed Generation import that crashed on some uncharacteristic UDS files.

- Fixed some isolated filter problems and a variety of more esoteric bugs.

- Includes updated help files

This free v5.09 update works with any prior version of TMG v5.x. To
download and apply the update (14319620 bytes), run TMG, access the Help
menu and choose "Check for an update." Alternatively, you can choose "Check
for a Program Update" from the Windows Start menu > The Master Genealogist
group. The update will be applied automatically. Upon restarting, the
startup screen will reflect a version number of "v5.09.000."

Remember that the TMG v5.x Users Guide is now available for download from
<>; (991k). It is an Acrobat
(PDF file) of 397 pages plus a 37 page index. If you don't have Adobe
Acrobat to read the file, you can download it for free from

If you purchased TMG5 Gold Edition from Wholly Genes or registered it with
us at <>;, then a printed copy of the
Users Guide will be shipped to you when the CD-ROM is ready. Both are
included in the purchase price. In the meantime, we've made it available
as a download in response to popular request.

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