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From: Bob Velke <>
Subject: [TMG] TMG v5.11 (CD Version!) has been released
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 2003 21:02:48 -0500

**** NOTE ********************************************
This is a special notice to TMG-L users _only_.
It is *very* important that you read this entire
notice, including special download and installation
instructions, before rushing off to download the

TMG v5.11.000 update has been released and CDs are in production! Shipping
with the printed Users Guide will be underway within two weeks.

This update includes the last of the missing features from TMG v5: HTML
output for Journal, Ahnentafel, and Individual Narrative reports, including
integrated images, Table of Contents, Endnotes, Indexes, and Bibliography.

Special Instructions:
This update is packaged especially for TMG-L users and has not been
announced anywhere else. It is *NOT* available using the automated "Check
for an Update" feature or by going to the Upgrade Center on our web
page. It is also NOT cumulative - so it will only work if you are using
TMG v5.10.000 (Gold or Silver Editions).

By making the patch available in this form, we can make it very small (it
is only 2 Meg!) and maximize the ability of all TMG-L users to download it
without causing too much of a bottleneck on the server (as happened last
time). After TMG-L users have had a day or two to download it, we will
announce it to the larger public in the newsletter and make it available in
its cumulative form (24 Megs) through the normal update procedure. This
will serve to minimize your download time, get the update in the hands of
many people as quickly as possible, and spread the server load out over
some time. This first notice is your reward for being a subscriber to
TMG-L <g>.

If you are not comfortable executing the following installation
instructions (or you are not currently using TMG v5.10.000), then please
wait for the general public announcement for the update and then download
it in the normal way.

To download and install the v5.11 update (for v5.10 users only):

1) Click on the following link:
2) Choose "Save" (do NOT choose "Open")
3) Navigate to the TMG v5.10 program folder (e.g., c:\program files\the
master genealogist) and click on <Save>.
4) Upon completion of the download, open the Windows Explorer, navigate to
the folder specified above, and double-click on tmg510to11.exe in order to
execute the downloaded file.

Note that, as described above, the patch file must be downloaded to (or
subsequently copied to) the TMG v5 program folder and executed from there.

Those who purchase TMG from the web store ( as
of this writing will receive the latest version (v5.11.000). Future public
patches will use v5.11.000 as a baseline so they will start being very
small again.

To receive the full announcement of TMG v5.11.000 as well as other helpful
tips and hints, subscribe to the Wholly Genes Newsletter from

Whether or not you are socked in by snow this weekend (like those of us on
the East Coast of the U.S.), we hope that this gives you a good reason to
curl up by the fireplace with your favorite laptop. Enjoy!

Bob Velke
Wholly Genes Software

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