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From: Bob Velke <>
Subject: TMG v6.01 is now available!
Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 18:59:15 -0400

The following is excerpted from the free Wholly Genes Newsletter which
subscribers should receive within the next 24 hours.
To subscribe, please go to

The Master Genealogist v6.01.000 is now available. This free update
includes a collection of bug fixes and a few new features as follows:


- The font size for memo fields can now be set in Preferences /
Options / Program Options / Data Entry
- An option to Paste Unformatted Text to memo fields has been added to
the Edit menu and to the memo right-click menu.
- Exhibits can now be ordered for narrative report output in the
Exhibit Log using drag and drop (person exhibits in the person's Exhibit
Log, event exhibits in each event's Exhibit Log).
- HTML reports: The HTML tab 'File Header' field can now use an
external file reference (e.g, "!c:\myfile.txt").


- Fixed issue of Mother label in Name box displaying as Mother-Bio.
- Life span in Name box was incorrect with incomplete mm/dd/yyyy date.
- The P2 no longer causes a checkmark to be in the Tag Box Witness column.
- The PE/Picklist display of non-primary names is now updated
correctly after the primary name is edited.

Data entry/Navigation:
- Unable to add or edit witnesses to event types for which Principal
and Witness were the only roles.
- A fatal error could happen when editing text in memo fields.
- A copied repository could be linked to the wrong repository record.
- The data set and tag type place styles are now respected on Tag Entry.
- Fixed some issues with the F3 repeat function.
- Fixed various Citation repeat issues when exclusion markers were
- Cancelling Citation Entry no longer creates a citation to source #0.
- Witness and Citation sorting were reset when other edits were made
before saving changes.
- A delay when adding a witness to event tags has been fixed.
- F9 now saves edits to the sentence on the Add Witness screen.
- The repeat functions History group tags now use the same repeat
lists as those used for other tag groups.
- Edits in some expanded memo fields were not being saved under some
- The memo right-click menu Spell Checker selection didn't work.
- Fixed various issues associated with using default and custom sentences.
- A new tag type now defaults to group of the tag type selected when
you click [Add].
- Fixed some issues resulting from editing/deleting role names in the
Master Tag Type List.
- Sentences were lost if you created a new tag type and edited the tag
type name before selecting the tag type group.
- When you rename a tag type in UK English, the tag type name used in
filters was not updated.
- A fatal error could occur when selecting a source element from the
General tab of the Source Definition Screen.
- New projects created by the UK-edition were missing the repository
memo and citation memo source elements.
- Standardized the results when using the three copy functions
(Add/Copy, LOP/Copy to project, LOP/Copy to data set).
- Data set merge was not copying custom styles. This showed up when
adding UK customizations to a data set.
- Warnings were added to prevent using the same label at different
levels in custom styles.
- The current position in the Research Log is remembered when you edit
a task.
- Position in the Master Event List was not remembered when you edited
a tag from the list.
- Some other 'navigation' problems have been fixed

- All columns added to the Tag Box are now saved in the Layout.
- The new memo field didn't respect system display setting for
background color.
- Fixed abbreviation for Montana (MT) in abbreviation table.

- Fixed a problem that altered the tag type table on project update
(Mother/Child -Fst issue). Project update to v6.01 will repair the tag type
table if the Mother/Child -Fst issue exists.
- Some error messages and problems with filters occurred when the
Language Pack was not installed.
- Fixed issue of multiple projects with similar names being added to
the backup SQZ file.
- Several DNA fingerprint titles were corrected to match the vendor
- Fixed a problem with GenSmarts use when place fields had exclusion
- Various fixes were made to the caption update during project update.
- The bottom of the Exhibit Log now shows text from the Caption field.

Journal report:
- When you selected to output memos to footnotes and unique sources to
endnotes, the memos were output as endnotes.
- Fixed problem with 'suppress living'.
- If suppress details for living people is selected, the report will
not print the name of descendant who have children.
- Inconsistent output when 'Group common birth places' is selected.
- Fixed an issue with non-primary name output when 'BMDB in a separate
paragraph' is not selected.
- Characters were added after male children in reports output in
non-English languages.

List of Citations report.
- There were problems with filters in a project with multiple data sets.
- You can now filter for all citations linked to a given tag type.
- The citation memo was not included in the output.

List of Events report.
- You can select custom flags for output columns.
- The output column for number of tasks displayed the number of exhibits.

List of Names report.
- There were problems with some sentence filters.

List of People report.
- Sources weren't copied using List of People / Copy to new project.
- Sources used only by embedded citations were not copied using Copy
to project and Copy to data set.
- The filter was fixed for Name-Marr Suffix Is Empty.
- New Place subfilter didn't work correctly.
- Filter fixed for Father-Bio Number of Citations <> 0.

List of Places report.
- Filter for Comment Is Not Empty screen showed a value field when it
should not.

List of Sources report.
- Author ID... filters are fixed.

List of Tasks report.
- Fixed several issues with general tasks.

List of Witnesses report.
- Fixed some incorrect column headings.

Miscellaneous Reports:
- An erroneous interrupt message occurred when generating a report
containing a bibliography.
- When generating a report to a word processor file, the font options
for Dates, Places, Memos, Exponents, and Labels are all dimmed.
- Fixed character output to Word for † (ALT+0134) and

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