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From: Bob Velke <>
Subject: TMG v6.10 is now available!
Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2006 23:03:43 -0400

The following is excerpted from the free Wholly Genes Newsletter
which subscribers should receive within the next 24 hours.
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The Master Genealogist v6.10.000 is now available. This free update
includes a variety of fixes and changes as follows:

o IMPORTANT NOTE: The Validate File Integrity feature now audits
for and fixes more obscure and minor issues than it did
previously. It is not unusual and no cause for concern if the first
use of VFI in v6.10 produces many "fixed" issues that were not
previously reported.

o DNA Log
- Fixed a possible "LACNT" error when opening the DNA Log.
- Fixed a problem that could make it possible to create a DNA Log
test that isn't attached to any person.

o Focus Groups
- Fixed a possible "CUSTYPE" error when moving people from the
Focus Group to a different data set.

o Accent
- An Accent based on surety values did not work.
- Fixed an error when double-clicking on the Status Bar to open
the Accent Definition Screen.

o Move/Copy/Merge People
- Copying a person could erroneously omit the citations for history tags.
- The View History list could sometimes show an obsolete name
after merging two people.
- Fixed a problem that could cause the links in the task table to
not be updated after a move/copy/merge operation.
- Fixed a problem that could cause a person's lifespan to be
displayed incorrectly after a merge.

o Project Explorer
- Fixed the occurrence of an Open window when the list is sorted
by a collapsed list and linked to other windows.

o Add Person Screen
- Fixed a problem that could result in one person in a marriage
getting a role of "Husband" while the other gets a role of "Principal."

o Restore
- Report definitions were being restored to the path determined
by the Preferences reports path of current project rather than to the
path determined by the reports path in the PJC file of the project
being restored.

o Research Log
- Fixed a problem that could occur when entering dates in the
Research Log when the interface language is other than English.

o Exhibit Log
- Fixed a problem that could cause the image viewer to save an
image at a different compression ratio than the original.
- Fixed a problem that could cause break the formatting of
captions when exported to HTML.
- The exhibits search during Validate File Integrity would
sometimes fail to search all specified folders.

o Master Source List
- The "Cited" column on the Master Source List was not updated
properly after two source were merged.
- The source elements fields were not sorted alphabetically on
the Source Definition Screen when the program was not using English.

o Master Repository List
- You can now add/edit a repository after opening the Master
Repository List from the Research Log.
- The name and memo fields at the bottom of the Master Repository
List would not display under some circumstances.

o Narrative reports
- Fixed some circumstances that could cause a place name to the
followed by ",."
- Fixed a problem that could cause a sentence to end in two periods.
- Fixed a problem where a period after a place abbreviation
(e.g., "D.C.") could be dropped.
- When a the first sentence of a narrative starts with [P+], it
now produces a complete sentence rather than a sentence fragment.

o List of Citations report - The "Include tag memos" option now
outputs the entire memo, even if it contains multiple parts.

o List of People report
- a filter based on Name-Var maximum surety would cause an error.
- Fixed an error that could occur when exporting to Excel.

o Report Options
- The list of tag types on the report options (Tags) screen was
not alphabetical when the interface language was not English.
- Fixed a problem that would cause the report progress screen(s)
to follow the report language rather than the interface language.

o GEDCOM import
- Multiple "Personal Sources" are now attached to the same Note
tag, rather to individual ones.
- A TEMP(le) tag is now put in to the place Temple field instead
of the memo.

o Legacy Import
- "Privacy" notes are now imported with sensitivity brackets.

o FTM Import
- Fixed a problem that could cause some citations to fail to be imported.
- Fixed a problem that could cause the citation memo and citation
text to not be distinguished correctly.
- Fixed a problem that could cause between dates to be imported

o UFT Import
- Fixed a problem that could cause the import to hang.

o GEDCOM export
- If a death tag has no date AND no place AND Living=N, then the
tag will be exported to GEDCOM as 1 DEAT Y.
- The image caption is now exported to a note in GEDCOM.

o Preferences
- A change to the Source Categories setting in Preferences was
not being applied until after the program was shut down and restarted.
- When the Preference option for window background color was set
to "Windows Default," some message windows were not honoring the
Windows color scheme.

o Miscellaneous
- When a memo field is expanded with F7, the text would sometime
be in read-only mode and formatting codes would be displayed.
- You no longer get an error doing a digital book search from a
Tag Entry screen that has no place data.
- Fixed a problem that could cause the Soundex calculator to hang.
- Fixed a problem that could cause the menu to erroneously appear
with the Welcome screen.
- Fixed a rare circumstance where deleting a project could cause
files to be deleted from another project with an almost-identical
name in the same folder.

o Fixed a variety of more obscure bugs, cosmetic issues, and
phrase translation issues.

This free v6.10.000 update requires a previous installation of
v6.00.000 or later. (Users with a prior version must first apply the
update to v6.00.000). To download and apply the update, run TMG,
access the Help menu and choose "Check for an update." Alternatively,
you can choose "Check for a Program Update" from the Windows Start
menu > The Master Genealogist group. The update will be applied
automatically. Upon restarting, the startup screen will reflect a
version number of "v6.10.000."

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