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This should be of interest to some Lawrence county folks. I have 3 volumes and consider this to be extremely well done work.
Pat McDonald

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Subject: v.6 Brashears-Breshears Families--TN,MO,etc

Volume 6 of A BRASHEAR(S) FAMILY HISTORY, "Brashears-Breshears Families-TN,MO,etc" is now a reality. I've received a proof, corrected the short-comings, and the company tells me that I can now order books. So, now I'll accept orders from interested members of the family. Or strangers for that matter.

The book is hard-bound in blue cloth, 728 pages long (xx pp of front matter; 693 pp of text, including 80 pp of index (over 12,000 elements, said my computer, which coughed and sputtered a little in generating it); and about a dozen pp of advertisements for previous books in the series). The book contains about 100 pictures (they came out remarkably well, considering that many of them were seriously faded with age, spattered with tears or coffee, and sometimes torn through loving use or carelessness, plus some of them were simple Kodak box camera pictures to begin with (not the best of focus). The book also contains about a dozen maps and scans of other documents.

The cost will be $40 + $3 postage, handling, packaging. You can order the book from me,
Charles Brashear
1718 Arroyo Sierra Circle
Santa Rosa, CA 95405-7762

or through your friendly book store (tell them it is a Lightning Source book, ISBN 0-933362-17-X $40 -- 40% commercial discount).

This book is about Basil and Middleton Brashears and their (possible) Brashears, Breshears, Beshears, Boshears, and other descendants in Lawrence Co, Tennessee; Benton, Polk, Hickory, and neighboring counties, Missouri; the Boise area of Idaho; the Okanagan Valley in Washington; eastern Oklahoma; and a few other places.
The family story is that when a group of brothers, cousins, and nephews left Lawrence Co, TN, in the 1830s, each of them changed one letter in his surname.
The sons of John Brashears, Sr (married Mary Berry) kept the old spelling.
The sons of Henry Brashears, Sr (married Eleanor Hardin) changed to Breshears.
A brother who moved to Arkansas, William Arthur Brashears (m. Anna Etheridge) changed his surname to Breashears.
A nephew in Arkansas, Berry Brashears (married Anna ____) changed his name to Boshears.
The three cousins in Benton, Polk, and Hickory County went by Middleton Brashears, Nathan Turner Breshears, and Alexander Brashears.
Some of the descendants of the oldest brother, Basil Brashears, Sr, used Beshears, Boshears, and Brashears as their surname.

Here is a full table of contents:

Preface iii

1. BASIL BRASHEAR(S) and Anne Belt 1
Basil's Ancestry 1
Basil's Family 5
Belt Family Connections 9
Imprisonment for Debt 14
Land Grants 18
The Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions 24
Basil's Second Bankruptcy 26
BASIL IN SOUTH CAROLINA: His Third Bankruptcy 27

Middleton in North Carolina 30
Middleton in South Carolina 31
Probable Family of Middleton Brashears 32

3. BASIL BRASHEARS Sr, b. c1765 35
Westward Migrations 36
Family of Basil Brashears Sr 38
Basil Brashears Jr and Eliza Ann Simpson 43
William Andrew Beshears and Sarah Elizabeth Crow 45
Charles William Breshears and Rachel Chastain 47

4. JOHN BRASHEARS Sr, and Mary Berry 49
John's Paper Tracks 50
Taking Care of an Older Couple 50
John and Mary's Family 52
Estate Records 53
John Henry Brashears and Rebecca _______ 55

Martha Martela Brashears and William John Pryor 58
Isaac Brashears Jr and Sidney Owl 62
George Washington Breshears 63
John Sidney Breshears and Ellen Smith 66
Marion Franklin Breshears and Lucille Christian 67
Jacob Isaac Breshears and Bessie M. Minton 71

Thomas Jefferson Brashers and Nancy Law/ Sarah Brashears 80
Henry Boshears and Tabitha Stewart 82
Zachary Taylor Boshears 83
Henry Clay Boshears and Margaret Maynard 84
James A. Boshears and Lucy Sysco 88
JACOB BOSHEARS Jr and Martha Ann McGuire 90

7. BERRY M. BRASHEARS and Frances Pryor 96
The Pryor and Tripp Connections 96
Berry's Family 98
Berry's Blacksmith Records 101
Berry's Civil War Records 102

8. WILLIAM JAMES BRASHEARS and Elizabeth ________/ Nellie ________, 103
William Henry "Willis" Brashears and Birl Fry 104
Berry Franklin Brashears and Eliza F. Simpson 105

9. HENRY NEWTON BRASHEARS and Mary Ann Brownlow/ Sarah Ann Allie 106
Ozrow W. Brashears and Ada Nancy Hanson 111
Joseph B. Brashears and Ada Paralee Kirk 116
William Patrick Brashears and Lester Blackwell/ Mona Browne 119
Berry Francis Brashears and Oma G. Johnson 122

10. DICEY ANN BRASHEARS and James M. Brookins 124
11. MARTILLA "TEALLIE" BRASHEARS and John W. Penny 128

12. REUBEN T. BRASHEARS and Elizabeth "Bettie" Harbour 130
John William Henry Brashears and Viola White 133
Thomas Jefferson Brashears and Lula Beck 137
Frances "Fanny" Brashear and Oyd McKinney 137
Berry Webb Brashears and Ida Mae Shaw 140
Eulalie "Lou" Brashears and Dave Hicks/ Ed Barnhart/ Charles Thomas "Tom" Jobe 143
Sarah Elizabeth "Sally" Brashears and William David Parkhill 149
Nancy Dovie Brashears and Warner Sandy/ Seb Bird 155
Sherman Monroe Brashears and Lura Mae Cresswell 160

13. HENRY BRASHEARS/BRESHEARS, SR, and Eleanor Hardin 162
Tennessee Land Grant #21592 164
Some Lawrence Co, TN, Records 165
Henry and Eleanor's Family 166
Etheridge Family Connections 168
Estate of Henry Breshears, Sr 169

14. WILLIAM BREASHEARS and Anna Etheridge 172
William and Anna's Family 173

15. MATTHEW BREASHEARS and Elizabeth Parker 175
Louisa Ellen Breashears and Abram Frank Lamb 179
John Riley Breashears and Nancy Ann Reed/ Mary Jane Bolton 181
Lemuel Casziel Breashears and Mary Ellen Hogan 183
Carroll Cunlee Breashears and Sarah E. Hogan 189
Leander Breashears and Emma Mae Nix 190
Elva Cloe Breashears and Leon Lazenby 192
James Madison "Jim" Breashears and Georgia Chapman 195
George Alford Breashears and Gertrude Southard 195

16. SARAH ANN BREASHEARS and John Humphreys 198

17. JOHN BRESHEARS and Naoma Ann Hogg 200
Some Missouri Records 204
John's Military and Estate Records 205
Family of John Breshears and Naoma Ann Hogg 207
Albert (Elbert) Breshears and Allie Madewell 211

18. MARY ALBANY BRESHEARS and Abraham James Baker/ Noah Jackson Bray 214

19. HENRY HARDIN BRESHEARS and Catherine Baker 216

20. REUBEN DOBBIN BRESHEARS and Mary H. Batten 218
John M. Breshears and Rhoda Ann Keith 222
James Batten Breshears and Harriet Bass 231

21. WILLIAM ARTHUR BRESHEARS and Abigail Jane Batten 232
John Morrison Link Breshears and Safrona Tuckness/ Laura Engle 234
Susan Ellen Breshears and Joseph Anderson 240
Sarah M. Breshears and John Tuckness 242
Reuben Joseph Breshears and Margaret Buckles 243
William Jackson "Jack" Breshears and Minnie Lois Brooks 245

22. JESSE CARROLL BRESHEARS and Rhoda Catherine Jump 250
James Knox Polk Breshears, II and Rebecca J. Anderson 251
John Henry Breshears and E.T. Gent 252
Mary Lucinda Breshears and Charles Leslie Gladden/ George W. Holt 256
Matoka Erickson Breshears and Ida Rush 258

23. JOHN WESTLEY BRESHEARS and Lucy Baker 260
William Henry "Buster" Breshears and Ocee Opal Wells: 264

24. MARGARET NAOMI BRESHEARS and Joseph Henry Jump 266

25. JOSEPH W. BRESHEARS and Isabell Brashears/ Prudence Tipton 269

26. JAMES KNOX POLK BRESHEARS, I and his three wives 274
Hattie Mae Breshears and Clarence "C.L." Gray 276

27.THOMAS HART BENTON BRESHEARS and Nancy Ann Potter 283

28. ANDREW JACKSON BRESHEARS and Martha Hammack 285

29. JESSE BRASHEARS and Elizabeth Bell/ Mary Ellen Franklin 288
Robert Hiram "Bob Hiram" Breshears and Anna Breshears 290
James Monroe Breshears and Mary Elizabeth Southard 291
Hiram "Hi" Breshears and Mary Dickerson 296
Amanda "Mandy" Breshears and Steven B. Breshears 298
Nancy Ellen Breshears and George Washington Hill 302

30. HENRY BRESHEARS JR, Atsa "Atsey" Etheridge, and Their Older Children 306
Tennessee Land Grant #25610 307
Henry's Estate in Missouri 308
Family of Henry Breshears Jr and Atsa "Atsey" Etheridge 309

31. JAMES ALEXANDER BRESHEARS, Sr, and Sarah Ann Jordan 312

32. LEVI ROBERT "LEE" BRESHEARS and Mary Anna Garner 316
James Taylor Breshears and Fanny Antwiler 317
Atsey D. Breshears and William Joseph Rodgers 319

33. MADISON GOLMAN BRESHEARS and Elizabeth M. Brown 322
Mary Jane Breshears and George Nimrod Ihrig 324
William Thomas "Wild Bill" Breshears and Rachel Ihrig/ Anna Ihrig 327
Cora Etta Breshears and Marion Southard 331
Steve Franklin Breshears and Florence Elizabeth Hunter 333
John Wesley Breshears and his Four Wives 336
Alice Bertha Breshears and Charlie Rogers 337
Marvin Breshears and Martha Wells/ Elizabeth Millinger 339
Francis Marion Breshears and Sallie Wells 341
Levi "Prairie Levi" Breshears and Sarah E. Thornton 344
Ollie Goldman Breshears and Susan Cosby Cook 345
George William "Bill" Breshears and Harriet Eudona "Dona" Breshears 348
Henry Belsis Breshears and Sarah Elizabeth Breshears/ Ida Elsie Button 350
Levi Ransom Breshears and Hettie Noble Button 358
Dona Lea Breshears and "Ted" Brooks 366
Jacob "Jake" Breshears and Ruby Virginia Dietz 370
John Francis "Little Frank" Breshears and Sarah H. Hodges 372

34. SUSANNA "SUKEY" BRESHEARS and Shandy Jordan/ Jesse Miller 374

35. WILLIAM MARION BRESHEARS and Mary Jane Pippin 376

36. SARAH MALISSA BRESHEARS and William Nute Jordan 379

37. HENRY THOMAS BRESHEARS and Sabrina J. Murray 381
John Henry Breshears and Virginia Delilah Salisbury 385
William Jasper "Jas" Breshears and Martha Ann "Mattie" Holley 386
Orval Glen "Bus" Breshears and Lola Mae Breshears 389
James Thomas Breshears and Malinda Catherine Southard 393
Emma Leanna Breshears and George Washington Wright 394

38. JOHN MARTIN VAN BUREN BRESHEARS and Susannah Ihrig 397
George N. Breshears and Rebecca Jane Butler 400
William Marion Breshears and Sarah Francis Southard 402
Elizabeth Ellen "Lizzie" Breshears and Henry M. Colbert 406
Burr Emerson Breshears and Mary Rebecca "Becky" Rash 406

39. ANDREW JACKSON BRESHEARS and Mary Jane Parsley 407
Goulsberry "Gulie" Breshears and Etta Frances Breshears 410
Eli Breshears and Lucinda Jane Murray 412
Samuel Breshears and Ettie Baugh 414

40. MARCUS MONROE BRESHEARS and Leanna Murray 416

41. ATSEY ADALINE BRESHEARS and Joel Ihrig 418

42. WILLIAM CARROLL (GREEN) BRESHEARSand Mary Orleana Rice 419
Isaac David "Ike" Breshears and Elva Jane Breshears 421
William Carroll Breshears Jr and Victoria E. Cox 423

James's Family 427

44. MIDDLETON BRASHEARS (the Younger),and Jane _____ 430
John Breshears and Emily J. Skidmore 434

45. NATHAN TURNER BRESHEARS and Elizabeth Catherine Keele 436
John K. Robert Breshears and his Three Wives 439
Robert D. Breshears and his Two Wives 441
John Carroll Breshears and Clora Ann McKee 443
James Keele Breshears and Mary Ann McDonald 447
Nathan Joseph Breshears and Martha Elizabeth Montgomery 450
James Harley Breshears and Jessie Maude Stafford 452
Zadock Calvin "Zade" Breshears and Susan Livonia Stratton 453
Calvin Breshears and Missouri Jane Davidson/ Malissa Catherine Silkey 457
Nathaniel John Breshears and Martha Lou Silkey/ Sarah Jane Hoover 462
James Price Breshears and Mary Ellen Gaunt 465

Louisa Breshears and Moses Southard 471
John Alexander Brashears and Nancy Jane Tipton 473
Edward Franklin Breshears and Annie M. Dickey 478
Robert E. Lee Brashears and Mary Frances "Fannie" Holley 479
William Wesley "Will" Breshears and Eliza Ellen Butler 481
Lowis William Breshears and Inice Marie Breshears 484
Hugh Walter Brashears and Bernetta A. Maxwell 487
James H. Breshears and Sarah Lizabeth Henderson 490
William Thomas Breshears and His Three Wives 492
Everett Dean Breshears and Huetta Laverne Newell 494

47. BERRY BRASHEARS (BOSHEARS) and Anna _______, of Arkansas 496
Berry's Paper Trail 499
The Clan in Arkansas 502
Berry Boshears' Family 505
ELLEN BRASHEARS and Samuel McHughes 510
ELIZABETH H. BRASHEARS and John Harmon Wyatt 511
ROBERT HENRY "UNCLE BOB" BOSHEARS and Rebecca E. _____/ Mary Ellis 513
Kirkpatrick and Brashears Connections 515
Nancy Henrietta E. Beshears and John Lewis Kirkpatrick 517
NANCY H. BRASHEARS and Simpson Burks/ Richard Isom Brazil 518
"LITTLE BERRY" BRASHEARS and Mary Jane Smith 522
HENRY CLAY BRASHEARS, and his Seventeen Children 524

HENRY BRASHEARS and Martha Godwin 541
DeKalb Brashears and Nancy Arminda Meredith 543
William Henry Breshears and Cynthia Jane Robbins 546
Martha Breshears and Hugh Gaston Anderson 547
Moses Taylor Breshears Sr and Rose Lee Noles 550
Robert Monroe Brashears and Almedia Bates 552
Avie Artimus Breshears and John F. Covey 554
Sadie Breshears and Virgil Edward Housley 555
Lola Ethel Breshears and Jim Covey 556
Mary Elizabeth Brashears and Frederick A. Meredith 558
Alice Lou Brashears and Will Cass 560

48. JOHN BRASHEAR (Berry's Brother?) and Betsy Randall/ Elizabeth Chambers 561
Philip Randal Brashears and Mary Elizabeth Brown 562
William Franklin Brashear and Evelyn Fredonia Deere 563
Orlando Brashears and Fannie Bladgett 566

49. Nancy Elizabeth Brashear and Andrew Wilson 567

JAMES M. "JIM" BRASHEARS and Mary Elizabeth Maribe Jones 570
James Brashears in Arkansas 571
The Move to Texas 572
James and Maribe's Sons 574
JOHN M. "JACKSON" BRASHEARS and Nancy Clementine Treadwell 583
John Clisby Brashears and Rosa Louella McClendon 585
Richard Filmore Brashears and Esther Havard 588
Robert Calloway "Cal" Brashears and Maggie Elizabeth Lott 590
James Jackson Brashear and Nora Elizabeth Parrott 592
Carlton Dole Brashears and Malissie C. Sims 595
Artilla Mable Brashear and Ellie Jeptha Douglass 596
JESSE MARION WALTER BRASHEAR and Frances Elizabeth Forest 597
Robert Calvin Brashear, II, and Jennie McMullen/ Pearl Wade 600
Robert Calvin Brashear, III, and Mississippi Hubbard 601
William Anthony Brashear and Georgia Scarborough 603
LUCINDA MARIE BRASHEARS and James S. Neyland 604
Some Texas Strays: 610

APPENDIX (some advertisements for my books) 694
Plan for a 9-volume "A BRASHEAR(S) FAMILY HISTORY" 694
Vol 2: ROBERT C. BRASHEAR OF NORTH CAROLINA and Some Descendants in TN, KY, MO, TX, etc, 698
Vol 3: Robert Samuel Brashears, "The Rolling Stone," and Some Descendants in TN and KY. 700
Vol 4. Brashear(s) Families of the Ohio Valley 701
Vol 5. Two Brashears Families of the Lower Mississippi Valley, their Choctaw and other Descendants. 702
Vol. 6 Brashears/Breshears (Beshears, Boshears) Families of TN, MO, ID, WA, OK, etc, 704
Killing Cynthia Ann, a novel, 704
Comeuppance at Kicking Horse Casino, and Other Stories, 705
Brain, Brawn, and Will: The Turmoils and Adventures of Jeff Ross 705
Contemporary Insanities: Short Fictions, 706
ELEMENTS OF THE NOVEL: An Update on Forster 709


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