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From: Stephanie Ray <>
Subject: [VAISLEOF] Joseph IoW Dutch connection?
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2011 12:02:45 -0800

Hello, all:

As you may already know, there is a story in print that Joseph COBB of Isle
of Wight IoW was the youngest (of 14) child of Richard, a Scottish soldier
in the Low Countries during the Eighty Years' War.

I have several problems with that idea (chief among them that the name
Richard never reappears in the line) but the affinity between puritans, Old
Testament names (i.e. Joseph, Benjamin, and Pharaoh), and Holland is pretty
well-established, so I am willing to keep an open mind.

Furthermore, I can find no records of Joseph's birth in England, although I
have found many contemporaries, such as that of Nathaniel Basse: *
Along those lines, I was very interested to find the following records at
Austin Friars Dutch Church in the book "The marriage, baptismal and burial
registers, 1571-1874, and monumental inscriptions, of the Dutch Reformed
Church, Austin Friars, London with a short account of the strangers and
their churches", edited by William John Charles Moens published in Lymington
1884 (

Austin Friars Dutch Church, Broad Street Ward
03 Jun 1595 Gheeraert BONNINCK v. Dousborg met Tanneken COBBE wt t'lant v.
[Note: Tanneken is a female Dutch name]
[Note: the father of all of the following was HENRICK]
15 Nov 1590 Henricus COBBE
20 Apr 1595 Jacobus COBBE
06 Oct 1597 Henricus COB [Note: I am sad to say that the first Henry Jr.
probably died]
10 Feb 1600 Abraham COBBE
22 Nov 1601 Isaac COB
04 Aug 1611 Anna COB

They seem to fit in very well with the following contemporaneous parish

St. Stephen Coleman Street, Coleman St Ward
WYLLM Marriage: 20 Sep 1584 to Joane Shorte [St Giles Cripplegate]
Note: the father of all of the following was WILLIAM:
JOHN Male Cristening: 9 JUN 1585
ELIZABETH Female Christening: 19 JUN 1586
DEBORA Christening: 08 OCT 1587 Marriage: 24 JUN 1624 William ATKINS
1625 Will of William Atkin or Atkins Haberdasher London
NATHANIEL Male Christening: 28 NOV 1589 NATHANIELL Marriage: 20 May 1616
Elyzabethe Longe* NATHANIEL Male Christening: 03 DEC 1625 Burial: 01 SEP
DANIEL Male Christening: 01 JAN 1590 [Will Saint Leonard Shoreditch,
Middlesex 24 Jun 1658]
MARY Female Christening: 04 SEP 1592 Burial 29 AUG 1603
BENIAMIN Male Christening: 22 JUN 1593 Male Death: 29 JUN 1593
ESTER Female Christening: 23 APR 1595
BENJAMIN Male Christening: 27 AUG 1598
JOANE Burial 24 MAY 1620 Wife of Wyllm
WILLIAM Burial 9 Dec 1622 [parish clerk]

Not only do the records have biblical names in common, the Coleman Street
Ward is bordered by Broad Street Ward (where Austin Friars Dutch Church is
located), Bassishaw (where Robert Cobb the privateer baptized his children)
and Cripplegate (where there are many, many Cobb records to be found,
including the marriage of William and Joane of St Stephens as well as that
of the marriage of Oliver Cromwell (yes, that Oliver Cromwell :-)

They are all in the north of the City, very close to St Bartholomew the
Great, just outside of the City in West Smithfield (originally "smooth
field", where there were jousting matches in the fifteenth century, or so
the story goes)

One other thing that I was excited to find at St Stephen's Coleman Street
were records of Thomas Chaloner, the regicide, not because of his
parlimentary puritan leanings but because his father Sir Thomas Chaloner was
on the King's Council for the Virginia Company:

Thomas CHALLINER m. Jaine LITLER 27 Nov 1616
Elizabeth c. 13 Feb 1617 daughter of Thomas CHALLENER
Jane C. 30 Mar 1619 daughter of Thomas CHALLONNER

As far as the Dutch connection, from the dates I would GUESS that Tanneken
could be our Joseph's aunt, and Henry and William his uncles.

Best regards,

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