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From: "John Salter" <>
Subject: [WOOLLEY] WOOLLEY Family of Monmouth Co., NJ (pt.5)
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 10:16:46 -0500

6 JOHN WOOLLEY, son of Emmanuel Woolley, 1, born October, 1659; married,
first, Mercy or Mary, daughter of Thomas and Ann Potter; second, Aug. 12,
1730, Rachel Clark.

1685, Feb. 16. Patent to Judah Allen, for two hundred acres in Shrewsbury,
in many parcels, half thereof in right of John Woolley.

1691, September. John Woolley was on a Petit Jury, of Monmouth County.

1685, July 9. John Woolley and his brother, William Woolley, together with
Richard Hartshorne, John Hance, Judah Allen, Remembrance Lippincott, William
Lawrence, John Williams and Edmund Lafetra, had license to purchase Indian
lands at Manasquan.

1697. Edwin Woolley, of Poplar, has in his possession a deed for lands that
John Woolley bought of..... Tucker, at Poplar, described as bounded on all
sides by barren pine lands. Previous to this, in 1684 and 1692, Thomas
Potter sold to John Tucker lands at Deal, bounded on the West by barren
land, on the South by a brook which separated it from the line of Thomas
White, on the East by the Sea to Whale Pond brook comprising what is now
Elberon, N. J., and lands adjacent to it to the South and Westward.

1698, July 19. Mercy Woolley makes affidavit relating to the signing and
sealing of the last will of Samuel White, of Shrewsbury, the date of which
was omitted.

1702, Nov. 2. Mary Woolley is left a legacy by her father, Thomas Potter, of

1705, Apr. 14. George Allen, John Woolley and Peter Wilson take the
inventory of the personal estate of Joseph Allen, of Shrewsbury.

1706, May 2. George Allen, John Woolley and John Rogers make inventory of
the estate of Francis Borden, of Shrewsbury.

1707. According to James Steen, John Woolley swore that he was forty-six
years old.

1709, Mch. 1. John Woolley was a Road Commissioner in Monmouth County.

1717, Nov. 9. John Woolley, of Shrewsbury, yeoman, and Mercy, his wife,
convey to "my son William Woolley," land at Poplar Swamp, that is described
as being the Northwest corner of the said John Woolley's land, and as having
been conveyed to him by Thomas Potter, Feb. 9, 1697.

Witnesses: Gabriel Stelle, Benjamin Woolley and Robert Allen.

1719/20, Mch. 17. John Lippincott, of Shrewsbury, in his will of this date
left a legacy to the Friends' Meeting, in Shrewsbury, which was to be paid
to John Woolley and John Tilton.

1730, Aug. 12. John Woolley and Rachel Clark, both of Shrewsbury, were
married at the house of John Woolley.

1732, Oct. 2. Will of John Woolley, of Shrewsbury, yeoman, "being ancient
and indisposed," proved May 30, 1743, mentioned:

wife, Rachel; sons, Thomas, William, John, and Benjamin Woolley, Thomas
being the eldest; daughter, Leah Den; daughter, Elizabeth, the wife of John
Field, [Feild]; daughter, Anne Mercy Allen. Executors: wife, and "Cozin,
William Hartshorne, Sr."

1739, Mch. 5. John Woolley and wife, Rachel were present at the marriage of
his grand-daughter, Hannah Woolley, to George Nicholson, at the house of
Thomas Woolley, in Shrewsbury.

1752, 9mo., 25. Will of Rachel Woolley, widow; proved Feb. 25, 1754, left
legacies to:

Mary Lawrence. daughter of John and Mary Campbell, deceased; to Leah,
daughter of John and Leah Den; to Hannah, daughter of John and Elizabeth
Field; to William Lawrence, son of Mercy Field; to The Indian School; to
Abigail Longstreet and Lydia Borden; to Mary, daughter of Daniel and Content
Clayton; to Shrewsbury Quaker Meeting; to Catherine, wife of Peter Knott; to
Mercy Field and her daughter, Catherine Lawrence; to Elizabeth Lewis and her
son, Samuel and to Rachel Hubbard.


20 Thomas Woolley born in Shrewsbury, 1 day, .....married Patience Tucker.

21 Ruth Woolley born, in Shrewsbury, July 22, died, in Shrewsbury,
Sep. 14, 1687.

22 William Woolley born, in Shrewsbury, Aug. 17, 16 .... ; married Ruth

23 John Woolley born, in Shrewsbury, Dec. 31, 1690; married Patience

24 Joseph Woolley born, in Shrewsbury, Dec. 31, 1690; died, in Shrewsbury,
Feb. 1, 1705.

25 Benjamin Woolley born, in Shrewsbury, Feb. 25, 1692.

26 James Woolley born, in Shrewsbury, Aug. 6, 1695; died, in New York,
Feb. 17, 1716/17.

27 Elizabeth Woolley born, in Shrewsbury, Apr. 23, 1697; died, in
Shrewsbury, October, 1699.

28 Leah Woolley born, in Shrewsbury, Feb. 15, 1698; married, at her
father's house in Shrewsbury, Mch. 5, 1723/4, as his second wife, John
Mattock, son of James and Elizabeth (Maddox) Den, of Salem Co., West Jersey.
The births of her children are found on Salem Meeting Records, but
Shrewsbury Men's Meeting gave her certificate, Mch. 7, 1742/3. She had


Mercy Den born Mch. 21., 1724

Amos Den born Sep. 21, 1727

Daniel Den born Oct. 1, 1728

Leah Den born Oct. 18, 1731

Paul Den born Apr. 18, 1734

29 Elizabeth Woolley born, in Shrewsbury, Apr. 17, 1700; married, Jan.

12, 1720/1, at Flushing, Long Island, John, son of Benjamin Field.


Hannah Field

30 Ann Mary, or Ann Marcy, or Anne Mercy, or Aumarcy Woolley, born in
Shrewsbury, Feb. 3, 1702; second intentions of marriage published at
Shrewsbury Meeting of Women, May 6, 1723, with Joseph (possibly the son of
Ephraim) Allen, born Apr. 1, 1697. He was granted a certificate to marry,
by Salem Meeting, Jan. 28, 1722; and they were granted a certificate to
remove to Shrewsbury, by Salem Meeting, Feb. 26, 1727.

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